SmartPIN B100 PCI Certified Modular PIN Entry Device

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In this blog we are going to learn about, The SmartPIN B100 is a highly secure and PCI 3.x certified PIN Entry Device (PED) designed for outdoor unattended Point of Sale (POS) operations where encrypted PIN entry is essential. Suited for various applications such as ATMs, fuel dispensers, kiosks, vending machines, and more, this robust device meets the stringent standards of the Payment Card Industry (PCI) for PIN security. Employing the TDES encryption algorithm with DUKPT key management and Master/Session capabilities, the SmartPIN B100 ensures data protection in challenging environments. Its rugged, vandal-resistant construction, waterproof keys, and stainless steel cover make it ideal for unattended settings. With ADA compliance, tactile and audio feedback, and secure communication interfaces, the SmartPIN B100 is a dependable choice for businesses requiring top-tier PIN security in outdoor and unattended POS operations.

Product Description:

The SmartPIN B100 is a PCI 3.x certified PED (PIN Entry Device) designed for outdoor unattended POS operations where encrypted PIN entry is required. The SmartPIN B100 can be used in ATMs, fuel dispensers, kiosks, vending machines, and other POS systems that accept credit and debit payments.

ID TECH’s SmartPIN B100 is PCI compliant and certified for the highest degree of PIN security. The SmartPIN B100 supports TDES encryption algorithm using DUKPT key management and Master/Session. The SmartPIN B100 is robust and vandal resistant with waterproof keys to withstand splashed, spilled, & direct liquid spray. The molded metal body and stainless steel cover, along with metal engraved keys, allow the PIN pad to be used in unattended environments. The built-in battery maintains the cryptographic keys during power outage and storage.

The 16-key PIN pad is ADA compliant and it offers tactile and audio feedback with each keystroke. PIN entry is encrypted and securely transmitted over the RS232 or USB-HID communication interface.


  • Payment Card Industry (PCI 3.x) Certified
  • Meets ADA, ANSI and ISO standards for a PIN Entry Device (PED)
  • 4 screw holes and built-in gasket for watertight mounting
  • IP65 rated
  • Removal detection and tamper resistant
  • Secure scheme for authorized activation/installation
  • TDES encryption algorithm
  • Clear and encrypted text input
  • Key management: Master/Session, DUKPT
  • Rugged, vandal resistant for outdoor, indoor & unattended applications

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