AmbiPay – Automatic Fare Collection Module

AmbiPay - Automatic Fare Collection Module, Contactless Payment


AmbiPay, is Ambimat Electronics’ Automatic Fare collection module, as well as the Gate Validator product. The AmbiPay offers a one-stop integrated system for managing tickets as contactless cards issued to the commuters. Such tickets can be used for public transport networks like buses, trains, metros etc. Whether contact or contactless, you can always enjoy complete peace of mind with our completely safe and secure payment gateways. Our devices are developed and produced exclusively in india, guaranteeing you top quality and maximum precision at all times.

Areas of Application:


  • Physical access control such as high-security doors
  • Gaming devices
  • USB NFC readers
  • Dual interface smart card readers
  • Home banking
  • Payment readers with EMVCo compliance
  • Other NFC applications.


Communication with Host devices:


  • Supports RS-232 and USB interfaces for Windows and Linux based systems
  • Connects to an Android device using an OTG cable.


Key Features for the contactless interface:


  • Supports all data communication speeds from 106 kbits/s to 848 kbit/s.
  • Full NFC Forum tag support (type 1, type 2, type 3, type 4A, type 4B and type 5)
  • ISO/IEC 14443 type A and type B compliant, ISO/IEC 15693, and ISO/IEC 18000-mode 3
  • Support for MIFARE crypto1
  • Support for the entire MIFARE and Sony family of contactless cards – Ultralight, Classic, Plus, DESFire EV1, EV2,and Felica products as well.
  • Built-in Low-power card detection mode
  • Built-in Dynamic Power Control (DPC) as per EMVCo standards
  • Support for Host Card Emulation to communicate over NFC with mobile payment devices.
  • Compliance with EMVCo ‘L1’ contactless protocol specification
  • NFC IP1 and NFC IP2 support.
  • P2P active and passive, target and initiator


Key features for contact interface:



Key features of the Power Supply:


  • Flexible Power supply input using a DC jack up to 16VDC @250mA
  • Using a USB OTG cable up to 2-3 meters from an Android device which can provide a constant supply of 5V @ 250mA


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