Tag Tamper

  • Tag Tamper or UHF tags deliver a comprehensive set of high-performance designs for demanding applications that require long-distance radio frequency identification (RFID). A successful IoT package tracking and supply chain security system has a few essential components to help you get real-time visibility and actionable alerts. These passive tags are dedicated to improving efficiency, monitoring, and traceability in industries including:
  • Logistics supply chain, digital warehouse management, value-added security traceability, bags and suitcase, warehouse stock, container, goods shelf, pallet, equipment, assets, communication equipment, medical device and clothing management, etc.
  • Accessories and other spare parts or items as well as some embedded applications for security and trace-ability. Luggage and product identification with high accuracy, sort and track cartons, parcels and pallets in transportation and logistics networks, security and access control through to transportation and logistics.