Pubs and Brewery

  • In 2016 AmbiIoT designed the hardware for a product that could sense the movement of a beer tap and could recognize if the beer was being poured in a mug or a pitcher and provide real-time updates to a remote server over Bluetooth
  • Connecting beverage taps to POS systems and consequently to digital experiences is possible. The AmbiIoT Smart Tab enables connectivity to big beverage brands, offering invaluable data, increasing revenue opportunities, and improving customer engagement. Cause marketing and gamification have never been more possible and powerful.
  • AmbiIoT Smart Tap designed in India helps bartenders deliver excellent service even in the peak hours while they are trying to operate multi-tasks in a very short period of time.
  • The device is designed to work with bartenders, not replace them, and connects to a dashboard that collects data about the pints served.