Developer Resources

Developer Resources

One of the important skills you need to learn as a Self-taught developer is to be resourceful. It is vital for developers to always be learning, continuously be updated, and continue to grow to become the best developer that we can be. Ambimat Electronics, with its experience of over four decades as an ODM of IoT products, hopes that this compilation of tools and resources will push for better development.

Tools and Resources:-

Knowledge Base – List of APDU responses

AmbiPay, AFC-module, comes with a set of drivers and libraries to interface with it. Application protocol data unit (APDU) is a command-response protocol for invoking functions executed on AmbiPay Smart card reader. List of APDU responses for EMV processing in AmbiPay, AFC-module, with their description.

List of Application Identifiers (AID)

The use of debit, and PIN debit, is steadily increasing, especially with millennials who currently tend to prefer it over incurring credit card debt. Payment solutions allow for merchants or acquirers to set their AID preference on each card brand. This allows the maximum flexibility of routing choices.

ISO 7816 Smart Card Standard

The standardization of smart card systems is an ongoing process. One of the standards most referred to is the ISO7816 standard for integrated chip cards.