Design Services

Turnkey Design and Development solutions

  • Ambimat has a history of working on all aspects of a product thus taking concepts to production.
  • At Ambimat, we help move from concepts to a prototype and finally to a production-grade design. This includes putting together the systems architecture, creating a breadboard model, and then designing a printed circuit board as a prototype.
  • The same prototype is then redesigned to pass through Ambimat’s unique DFM analysis and converted into a PCB that can be produced, assembled, and tested in the most deterministic as well as cost-effective way.
  • At the prototype stage, Ambimat’s services include barebone PCB testing, UL certification of bare PCBs, supply chain management, wiring either manually or with pick and place machines, running the test suites as suggested by the client and any special requirements that the client might have.
  • Our DFM analysis then takes into account the time to mass-produce one PCB, assemble it, and then test it on testing jigs. We redesign the PCBs keeping that in mind and provide confidence to the customers.
  • With our wide array of industrial design partners, we can also design enclosures and create 3D printed models. Once approved molds for injection molding can also be created and high volume enclosures can also be prepared.
  • We have relations with various testing facilities in India and around the world to provide pre-certification testing as well as regulatory filing for all products designed by us. FCC certification services can also be provided.
  • Once again with our ecosystem of partners, we also provide Cloud-based data aggregation and enterprise cloud platform integration with the Amazon AWS, Google IoT platform, etc.
  • Our Android and iOS development partners will be able to take data from any cloud platform using their SDK and present it on a user-friendly graphical interface on your mobile device.