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With design experience of close to 4 decades of striving towards excellence with world-class talent and innovative design thinking, Ambimat Electronics has come a long way to become one of India’s leading IoT ( internet of things ) product designers and developers today. With increasing capabilities in-house and forging long-term partnerships with key people and companies in India and around the world Ambimat Electronics has become a single stop solution provider to leading PSUs, private sector companies, and startups. Ambimat has in the past delivered design capabilities in various industries and markets spanning close to 20 different industry verticals, including but not limited to Aerospace and Defense, Industrial Automation ,Medical, Retail, Utilities.

We provide design, development, testing, supply chain, manufacturing, networking, cloud computing, and mobile application development services.

Our expertise lies in the fact that with our experience we understand customer’s challenges in its entirety and can provide a solutionthat uses a hardware – software co-design thinking.

AmbiIoT AmbiIoT is all about designing solutions for some of the most challenging problems faced by our valued customers. We believe that ‘Every problem has a solution’ and our endeavour is to help find them for our customers. AmbiIoT’s design team has helped design products such as Smartwatches and for various industry verticals like Smart homes, Medicals, Robotics, Retail, Pubs and brewery, Security.

Ambimat Electronics’ OEM Solutions:

AmbiPay is an Automatic Fare collection module which Offers a one-stop integrated system for managing tickets as contactless cards issued to the commuters.

AmbiPower is a Smart metering solution that is about giving power back into the hands of the utilities.

AmbiCon is a convenient way for marketers to communicate with their customers. Not just comfortable but also contextually relevant and personalized.

AmbiSecure is a hardware-based security solution that provides a secure end to end communication mechanism between IoT devices.

AmbiSense helps to monitor the temperature by contactless temperature sensing, data logging, and remote monitoring.

AmbiAutomation offers HVAC bridge boards that can work with building automation systems and with Operational Technology products like PLCs to increase productivity.

Our electronic design service starts with ideas: clients come to us with concepts, both simple and complex, and we assist them through all the stages of the new product design process. With spirit and enthusiasm, our team of creative, experienced, and highly competent engineers, designers, and staff at Ambimat Electronics take care of customers across the globe, delivering quality – every single time.

We look forward to solving your next challenge with you!




A quest for Excellence, A passion for Exclusivity, A desire to Exceed Customer Expectations.



For over 3 decades we have remained committed to understand, accept, and meet, and exceeding the expectation of our customers. We do this by remaining on the bleeding edge of this ever-changing field of hardware-software co-design. The fact that we learn from our past, adapt to the present, and plan for the future drives us forward in our pursuit of excellence every day.

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