Authorize.Net mPOS Mobile Application/VPOS v2 Application – Tested Devices

Dear Readers,


Below is a list of devices that Authorize.Net has tested and confirmed works with our mPOS Mobile Application/VPOS v2 Application and supported secure card readers. These readers support additional devices that Authorize.Net has not tested, but may work as well. Authorize.Net does not guarantee all device compatibility.


1 – Merchants that are using the mPOS/VPOS v2 application can use a supported card reader for swipe or EMV chip transactions. If you are using a processor that we support EMV chip transactions on the reader will allow these types of transactions. If we don’t currently support EMV chip transactions on the processor you are using the reader will only support swiped transactions.

2 – The IDTech Augusta reader will only support EMV transactions for merchants on the FDC Nashville and NAB EPX processors. Go here to find directions on how to find what processor you are using in your account. For merchants that are not using this processor the reader will function in a swipe only mode.

Augusta with Quick Chip: A Faster Way to Do EMV