Power Grid and Utilities


The Challenge was to design a device that can be remotely triggered to turn ON and OFF a system based on human intervention or when a temperature threshold is crossed hence making an intelligent substation. Temperature is a critical aspect to reflect the status of substation power equipment. The temperature monitoring by manual inspection is inaccurate and often tedious. And it may cause abnormal operating conditions missed, or faults occurred.


  • To improve reliability and reduce risk, AmbiAutomation integrated the existing IT rack, RTU as well as the Router with our RRU device providing continuous monitoring and recording facility.
  • The system monitors temperature differences in system components and can issue an early warning via an alert. This enables better device maintenance, as well as a longer device life and a lower risk of catastrophic failure.
  • The HVAC bridge was integrated into the system, and SMS-based alerts were provided to a pre-defined set of users when the threshold was breached.
  • Along with temperature monitoring, if the system does not respond, our HVAC bridge board can shut the system down and turn it back up as per pre-defined instructions. The same can also be done using an SMS received from the device administrator.
  • Their stable operation is necessary as its continuous operation is required for the power grid to function properly, so the temperature monitoring of these equipment plays a vital role in the whole power system.
  • The Remote Reset Unit can also communicate with SCADA systems and be controlled remotely via a local system connected to the Intranet.