section – 4 Abbreviations and Notation

ISO 7816 Part 4: Interindustry Commands for Interchange

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ISO 7816-4, Section 4 – Abbreviations and Notation

For the purposes of this part of the ISO/IEC 7816, the following abbreviations apply :

APDU Application protocol data unit
ATR Answer to reset
BER Basic encoding rules of ASN.1 annex D
CLA Class byte
DIR Directory
DF Dedicated file
EF Elementary file
FCI File control information
FCP File control parameter
FMD File management data
INS Instruction byte
MF Master file
P1-P2 Parameter bytes
PTS Protocol type selection
RFU Reserved for future use
SM Secure messaging
SW1-SW2 Status bytes
TLV Tag length value
TPDU Transmission protocol data unit

For the purposes of this part of ISO/IEC 7816, the following notation applies :

< TR>

‘0’-‘9’ and ‘A’-‘F’ The sixteen hexadecimal digits
(B1) Value of byte B1
B1||B2 Concatenation of bytes B1 (the most significant byte) and B2 (the least significant byte)
# Number