section 1 – scope

Smart Card Standard ISO7816 part 4 section 1 scope

ISO 7816 Part 4: Interindustry Commands for Interchange

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For the latest version of ISO7816 part 4, please contact ISO in Switzerland.

ISO 7816-4, Section 1 – Scope

This part of ISO/IEC 7816 smart card standard specifies:

  • the contents of messages, commands, and responses transmitted by the interface device to the card and conversely,
  • the structure and content of the historical bytes sent by the card during the answer to reset,
  • the structure of files and data, as seen at the interface when processing interindustry commands for interchange,
  • access methods to files and data in the card,
  • methods for secure messaging,
  • access methods to the algorithms processed by the card. It does not describe these algorithms.

It does not cover the internal implentation within the card and/or the outside world.
It allows further standardization of additional interindustry commands and security architectures. For the latest version of this part, please contact ISO in Switzerland.