ISO 7816 Smart Card Standard

ISO 7816 Part 2: Dimensions and Location of the Contacts

This part describes the physical characteristics of integrated circuit cards. It includes accommodation of exposure limits for a number of electromagnetic phenomena such as X-rays, UV light, electromagnetic fields, static electrical fields, and ambient temperature of the card.

Furthermore, ISO7816-1 defines the characteristics of a card when it is bent or flexed. This is to make sure that plastic cards with embedded chips are manufactured in a way that guarantees flawless operation over the expected life time of a card. Connections beween the surface connectors and the I/O pins of the embedded silicon die must be maintaned and withstand mechanical stress. Bending and flexing procedures are standardised in ISO 7816.

This part of ISO7816 is important for card manufacturers. They are the ones that choose the materials and establish a process that embeds the integrated circuit into the card.

For the latest version of ISO7816 part 2, please contact ISO in Switzerland.