Bluetooth Beacon


The Ambimat Electronics’s AmbiCon is a Bluetooth Low Energy device that can transmit user-defined data over to a mobile phone within a specific proximity. Due to these wireless capabilities, the AmbiCon can be utilized for many purposes, including geolocation, targeted messaging, and user analytics. It is a direct, real-time communication mechanism. The AmbiCon app runs on Bluetooth Low Energy and is only activated when the user’s Bluetooth is turned on. It detects the mobile device even when the AmbiCon app is not open. The AmbiCon may send information via a push notification to the mobile devices within its proximity.

  • Will keep sending out Bluetooth signals at a pre-defined interval.
  • Receiver can be a mobile device or any other BTLE enabled device that has the capability of running an application (E.g. iOS or Android device running Android 4.3 and above or iOS6 and
  • Can be used for people tracking when placed in the environment and for asset tracking when cell phones are used as receivers
  • Excellent applications for customer engagement in retail shops, exhibitions etc.
  • Readily deployable and with a range of over 100 ft



Size:101.60 X 101.60 X 46.99 mm
Weight:166.314 grams
Radio Frequency:2.4 – 2.5Ghz
Protocol:Bluetooth Low Energy 4.0
Device Type:End Use
Enclosure:•Cover screws directly into base • Surface-mounting flanges • 4 PCB mounting bosses in base • Assembly includes base, cover, and 4 enclosure screws
Power:• USB Powered • 24V Supply • Current Consumption: 9mA
Application Support:• iOS • Android • Windows


Download AmbiCon Brochure