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Bluetooth LE

Pubs and brewery

Pubs and Brewery

  • In 2016 AmbiIoT designed the hardware for a product that could sense the movement of a beer tap and could recognize if the beer was being poured in a mug or a pitcher and provide real-time updates to a remote server over Bluetooth
  • Connecting beverage taps to POS systems and consequently to digital experiences is possible. The AmbiIoT Smart Tab enables connectivity to big beverage brands, offering invaluable data, increasing revenue opportunities and improving customer engagement. Cause marketing and gamification has never been more possible and powerful.
  • AmbiIoT Smart Tap designed in India helps bartenders deliver excellent service even in the peak hours while they are trying to operate multi-tasks in a very short period of time.
  • The device is designed to work with bartenders, not replace them and connects to a dashboard that collects data about the pints served.

Smart Watches

Smart watches

One of AmbiIoT’s first projects from 2015 where we designed the electronics of a Bluetooth based wearable for effective gym exercise recognition and rep counting. It comes with a Pedometer that helps you to analyze how many steps you have walk in a day. It is IP 67 water-resistant and can automatically track your sleep giving you the insight on your light sleep cycle and deep sleep cycle. With the in-App notification, you can check all your messages and call details from your wrist. It has 7 days battery backup.

  • The product is a smart wrist band that can measure steps, calories used, heart rate etc.
  • Communicates this data over BTLE to a connected mobile device.
  • Can be used for live tracking of the exercise.
  • Has machine learning algorithms that run on a connected cloud platform.
  • Already being sold in the market under the brand of our customer.



All Day Activity

All Day Activity

Keep a check on your activities with daily steps, distances, calories tracking.

IP 67 Rating

IP 67 Rating

IP 67 water-resistant standard ensures that our fitness band remains sweat-proof and splash-proof.

Long Battery life

Long Battery life

Wear your fitband for 5-7 days without charging hassles, and you can plug your Edge directly into USB slot directly to charge it.

Auto Sleep Tracking

Auto Sleep Tracking

See how long you are in the light and deep sleep. Get personalized insights to learn how to get better rest.

Notification & Alerts

Notification & Alerts

Pair your Edge with your smartphone to receive incoming calls, texts & more.

USB Charging

USB Charging

Support charging via inbuild USB port.


AS-300 is calibrated, battery operated and an Ergonomic design


Material type:ABS Plastic
Temperature Measurement Range:-70 to 380°C
Response time:<2 seconds
Memory:Data can be stored on mobile device or the cloud
Battery:A batteries.Can be powered from a wall socket as well.
Interface:BLE V4.0 or above
Calibration:Factory Calibrated
Data download:CSV file (Customizable). can be readily uploaded to the cloud for instant analytics.
Warranty:1 year
Label dimensions:150mm x 85MM x 42MM
Case:Not require
Water proof/Water resistant:NO


  • Device Compatible with Android OS and iOS
  • Tabular view of data on cell phone as well as cloud
  • Can be easily integrated into existing cloud solutions like AWS, Microsoft Azure etc.
  • Set maximum and minimum temperature range for recorded data
  • Find out the weighted average of the data
  • Alerts for temperature crossing the set threshold.
  • Extremely light weight
  • Data can be stored on mobile device and cloud
  • Reusable
  • Extremely cost effective

Download AS-300 Brochure

Bluetooth Beacon


The Ambimat Electronics’s AmbiCon is a Bluetooth Low Energy device that can transmit user-defined data over to a mobile phone within a specific proximity. Due to these wireless capabilities, the AmbiCon can be utilized for many purposes, including geolocation, targeted messaging, and user analytics. It is a direct, real-time communication mechanism. The AmbiCon app runs on Bluetooth Low Energy and is only activated when the user’s Bluetooth is turned on. It detects the mobile device even when the AmbiCon app is not open. The AmbiCon may send information via a push notification to the mobile devices within its proximity.

  • Will keep sending out Bluetooth signals at a pre-defined interval.
  • Receiver can be a mobile device or any other BTLE enabled device that has the capability of running an application (E.g. iOS or Android device running Android 4.3 and above or iOS6 and
  • Can be used for people tracking when placed in the environment and for asset tracking when cell phones are used as receivers
  • Excellent applications for customer engagement in retail shops, exhibitions etc.
  • Readily deployable and with a range of over 100 ft



Size:101.60 X 101.60 X 46.99 mm
Weight:166.314 grams
Radio Frequency:2.4 – 2.5Ghz
Protocol:Bluetooth Low Energy 4.0
Device Type:End Use
Enclosure:•Cover screws directly into base • Surface-mounting flanges • 4 PCB mounting bosses in base • Assembly includes base, cover, and 4 enclosure screws
Power:• USB Powered • 24V Supply • Current Consumption: 9mA
Application Support:• iOS • Android • Windows


Download AmbiCon Brochure


In 2017, AmbiIoT designed a Bluetooth mesh network of devices that could sense the thumbing of people on a dance floor and provide feedback to the DJ on the music that was being played.

Bluetooth IE Card

For micro geolocation of people within a closed environment for tracking purposes.

  • The product is an ISO form factor card with some buttons, a battery, a set of LEDs.
  • A bluetooth signal is sent out every time a button is pressed.
  • Receivers can receive the signal and geo-tag the person within the closed environment.

AmbiIoT Retail

AmbiIoT Retail

  • In 2019 AmbiIoT designed a device to help remove the need to print paper receipts for users.
  • The Digital Receipt Printer is convenient and straightforward to operate, quick and paperless, easy maintenance. Near field communication (NFC) functionality allows mobiles or tablets to be easily paired with the printers.
  • Increase your productivity with the ultra-compact and robust Portable Digital Receipt Printer. Reliable and easy to use for a seamless retail store experience without paper receipts.
  • Go Paperless with Digital Receipt Printer, which helps Reduce Your Paper Costs and is an Eco-Friendly Benefits for Businesses. It is ready to connect with existing retail PoS hardware/software.