Augusta ChipDNA Integration

ID TECH Augusta ChipDNA Integration

Integrating the Augusta, an EMV L1-L2 Chip and Magstripe Reader, with ChipDNA is simple and easy. With the Augusta’s USB-HID configuration which uses common HID drivers, there is no need to specify a COM Port or Baud Rate in the chipdna.config.xml file.

Connecting the Augusta to ChipDNA

In the chipdna.config.xml file, inside the <PaymentDevices> </PaymentDevices> tags add the following:


The only thing you will need to change is <Id>XXXXXXXXXX</Id>so that it matches the Serial Number (S/N) on the bottom side of the Augusta. For example <Id>712T394908</Id> for the device displayed below.

Once you have configured the S/N, fire up ChipDNA Server and the Augusta will connect to ChipDNA.

Performing Transactions via ChipDNA SDK

To perform a sale transaction, you will need to call the startTransaction method using the ClientHelper class with the following required parameters:

  • Amount
  • Reference
  • TransactionType

The following example code will start a sale transaction for $1.23 with a reference of “CreditcallExample”:

ParameterSet parameterSet = new ParameterSet();
     parameterSet.add(ParameterKeys.Amount, “123”);
     parameterSet.add(ParameterKeys.Reference, “CreditcallExample”);
     parameterSet.add(ParameterKeys.TransactionType, “Sale”);


Once startTransaction is called, the Augusta lights will start blinking in a blue color indicating a card is ready to be read. Once the card is inserted and the transaction is finished, transactionFinishedEvent will be invoked, where you can obtain the result of the transaction along with a multitude of other useful parameters.

Obtaining Transaction Result:

public void transactionFinishedEvent(EventParameters evenParameters)
          String result = eventParameters.getValue(ParameterKeys.TransactionResult));

*Value of TransactionResult can be “APPROVED” or “DECLINED”

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